Our warranties and related customer service always beat the competition! But we have an additional surprise for customers coming to this page and interested in the extended warranty. 
Buy the MediCrystal® mat now and enjoy our Special Best Warranty Guarantee Holiday Offer! 
This offer is valid for purchases between 1 December 2022 and 31 January 2023. 
Please register your product on our website or email MediCrystal@MediCrystal.com with your name, mat serial number, and a subject line containing the code BEST-WARRANTY-GUARANTEE-2023 and get the exceptional extended warranty free of charge.
You get the best mat coverage with our longest-in-industry warranty whenever your product needs a warranty service. 
Our standard limited warranty is two years for classic mats and one year for those with additional functions such as PEMF or Photon. But as per this special promotion, we will beat any competitor's warranty period on the comparable product. 
If you find a more extended warranty than our regular one, please provide us with a reference from another company's website, and we will match it, and even more, we shall furnish you with a 3-months extension beyond their terms. 

Our Classic MediCrystal® Amethyst Mats and Amethyst-Tourmaline ones with triangular windows design come with the 2-year warranty, the longest in this industry.

We cover all other new MediCrystal® and ThermoGem™ products with the 1-year warranty. 

Our factory-refurbished products come with 6-12 months warranties. Please check the listings for detailed information.

Whether the problem is with the mat or the controller, we will provide you with a free replacement as soon as possible, usually within several days after you contact us. 

Shipping and return shipping is free for warranty issues.

After the warranty expires, we take care of any repairs, at minimum cost. 

Our warranties are for home-use and do not cover professional or commercial use. Please contact us if you are going to buy our product for your spa or massage studio.

You can also buy a 5-year extended home use warranty.

It costs around 40% of the retail price for classic mats and 60% for the mats with additional functions like PEMF or Photons. Please, ask us if interested.

We additionally protect your investment with top-notch customer service, risk-free trial policy, and lifetime trade-in commitment.

So even if your product's warranty expired, or it is damaged, it still has significant value!


We have a trade-in policy for those customers who purchased a full-price brand-new product at our Far Infrared Amethyst Mat Stores on Amazon or eBay or directly from us. 

It works only for the purchase of a new mat of the same or higher price.

If the old mat is in good working condition, a customer can get a trade-in allowance equal to 40-50% of the amount paid for the original product decreased for sales taxes and our shipping costs, free products, rebates, and promotions provided at the moment of the original order.

We apply this policy to the non-functional, defective, or damaged products as well. So your product always holds value, no matter what condition it is.

"Shipping costs" are the expenses we pay to ship the original mat to the customer. Though we offer free shipping, these costs are in the listing prices, and we pay for the product delivery to you.

These shipping costs range between $20 and $150, depending on the product size and model. For example, we pay $20-25 for a mini mar, $30-35 for a midsize mat, $50-60 for a professional one delivery to the customer within the continental states.

If you received any special promotions, discounts, or rebates at the moment of the original purchase, or the order was previously refunded partially or in-full, the basis of what you paid goes down for the same amount.

The exact trade-in value depends on your mat age and condition.

This policy does not cover used, refurbished, or discounted product purchases, products in professional or commercial use, products purchased from other sellers, outlets, or private parties.


MediCrystal LLC features innovative and high-quality products made from the certified Natural Amethyst, Tourmaline, Jade Crystals, Agate gems, Bian-Stone (Sibin Pumice), ceramics, and rocks. 

All products are animal-free, cruel-free, vegan, with artificial human-made leather and suede. We source all crystals from fair trade mines and peaceful origins, primarily in South America.

Having started as a family-run American company back in 2015, we nowadays became the world's most recognized brand of the heated stone products helping people to find their way to health and wellbeing in all countries on the planet.  

We integrate the Traditional Chinese and Eastern Medicine and Alternative Practitioners' techniques with the most advanced modern Western Science achievements to get the best healing heated stone products in the world.

Our technologies are Red and Far Infrared Light, Deep Impact Heat with Warmed Stones, EMF-free Advanced Heating Systems to Warm Up Crystals, Negative Ions, Pulsed Electromagnetic Fields (PEMF), Adjustable from 1 to 30 Hz Frequencies Magnetic Pulses, Schumann Resonance, and others.

We do our best to make people's life more healthy, convenient, and enjoyable, providing the highest quality products at affordable prices and stand behind with the most reliable customer service.

If you are a veteran or active Military personnel, please remember to use a military discount. God Bless Our Troops! Thank you for ensuring the freedoms!

We are praying for protection for all of the doctors and nurses right now! Please contact us for a professional discount.

If you have health or financial need, please contact us for our charity programs or deeply discounted special offers.

You are welcome to our family of more than fifty thousand happy users!