MediCrystal Mat Lifetime Trade-In Policy


We have a trade-in policy for those customers who purchased a full-price brand-new product at our Far Infrared Amethyst Mat Stores on Amazon or eBay or directly from us. 

It works only for the purchase of a new mat of the same or higher price.

If the old mat is in good working condition, a customer can get a trade-in allowance equal to 40-50% of the amount paid for the original product decreased for sales taxes and our shipping costs, free products, rebates, and promotions provided at the moment of the original order.

We apply this policy to the non-functional, defective, or damaged products as well. So your product always holds value, no matter what condition it is.

"Shipping costs" are the expenses we pay to ship the original mat to the customer. Though we offer free shipping, these costs are included in the listing prices, and we pay for the product delivery to you.

These shipping costs are in the range between $20 and $150, depending on the product size and model. For example, we pay $20-25 for a mini mar, $30-35 for a midsize mat, $50-60 for a professional one delivery to the customer within the continental states.

If you received any special promotions, discounts, or rebates at the moment of the original purchase, or the order was previously refunded partially or in-full, the basis of what you paid goes down for the same amount.

The exact trade-in value depends on your mat age and condition.

This policy does not cover used, refurbished, or discounted product purchases, products in professional or commercial use, products purchased from other sellers, outlets, or private parties.