Heated Crystal Belts Vests Wraps

Heated Crystal Belts Vests Wraps

ThermoGem™ 3-Gems Far Infrared Bio-Stimulation Vests, Jackets, Knee Wraps with Natural Crystals, Negative Ions, Red Light LEDs, and EMF-free Adjustable Heating 86-158°F (30-70°C).

MediCrystal® Amethyst Far Infrared Heating Wraps for Hands and Legs and Bio-Belts with Natural Crystals, Negative Ions, and EMF-free Adjustable Heating 86-158°F (30-70°C).

Brands: MediCrystal® ThermoGem™


ThermoGem products come with crushed to 2-8 mm three natural crystals: Purple Amethyst, Black Tourmaline, and Green Jade, together with Ceramic Hexagons. Purple Mesh Fabric Fixes Stone and Red Light LEDs with Artisan Embroidery Throughout the mat surface from edge to edge. 

MediCrystal Belts and Wraps Feature Crushed Amethyst, or a blend of Amethyst and Tourmaline Crystals, filled in Red-Brown Suede Tubes forming the heating pad top layer. Some gems are visible through a clear PU film window. 

Voltage: 110-120V, 60Hz for North America and Japan or 220-240V, 50Hz for Europe and other countries

Warm Stones Naturally Release Negative ions important for relaxation, and good all-night sleep. 

Heated Crystal Rays are excellent for back pain relief. They bring Vital Natural Forces of Fresh Air, Mountains, Waterfalls, Sun Warmth into your Home just in the Middle of Modern Civilization.

Monochromic 660 Nm Red Light Bio Stimulation LEDs is known (pubmed.gov) for benefits in collagen synthesis, bones health, skin appearance rejuvenation.

Some of these mats, belts, and jackets marked as "bio-magnetic" additionally have PEMF (pulsed electromagnetic fields) adjustable between 1 and 30 Hz.

Also, we have non-heating PEMF-only 3-gems ThermoGem Long Jacket. This product is under special sale with a 50% discount code "PEMF-50", if you buy it together with any Heating Mat.