How to Choose Heating Mat With Crystals


  • Which healing stone or combination is preferred. 

Though all gems and ceramics generate FIR penetrative heat and ions, different stones have some special wavelengths.  

amethyst is the main and most valuable healing crystal. It is believed that the main advantage of amethyst over jade, tourmaline, and other stones is its ability when heated to emit infrared rays in isolated diapasons very compatible with the human body and with higher so-called bio-resonant properties, inducing energy vibration within the cells. The wavelength range of amethyst rays is 5-14 microns with 2 peaks around 6.7 and 12 microns. 

Reiki and stone therapy experts see some other differences between different gems’ healing powers.

For example, tourmaline is pyroelectric and piezoelectric, it produces many more negative ions upon heat or pressure distortion. 

Jade, bian, agate, garnet, other stones are believed to have special properties that may be useful for some conditions or purposes. I know that some customers experience great calming effects, sleep much better, and even get relief from migraines while sleeping on the non-powered amethyst pillow, using the natural heat of one’s head to warm the crystals. Other customers do not feel the same benefits even from the pure amethyst mats and prefer those with added jade or tourmaline. While amethyst is considered the main and is included in all mats, some customers prefer mats with different or mixed stones.

  • If extra functions (Photon Red Light, PEMF) are necessary. 

While the combining of functions can be great, the more systems integrated the higher may be the probability of fault or shorter product life. We do our best to make the highest quality products, but these multifunctional mats are quite new and do not have as long a history of use, experience, and background as the classic FIR amethyst mats. 

On the other hand, even if one of these functions stops working, you could still use the mat in its simple FIR heating mode the same as you would use the classic one. One should note that the classic mats without the extra functions may have a longer warranty.

  • If the mat is to be mainly used for sleeping or for therapy. 

The classic mats without extra functions may be a better choice if both FIR crystal rays therapy and sleeping on low heat modes or on an unpowered mat (during the summer) are anticipated. While the multifunctional mats provide more effects in short therapy sessions, they are less durable for sleeping on as they have more tiny parts inside, and it is not recommended to move around on them. 

  • Hardness. 

The mats with the ‘triangle’ design, V-mats, and those which are covered with suede or leather are softer than the mats with mesh fabric covering the tubes with crystals. The mats with disk shape stones affixed with mesh fabric have different reviews. Of course, you can adjust the hardness by putting some layers of pads, protectors (including those included with the mat), towels, or sheets on the mat. You can remove them one-by-one as the body gets used to the crystals’ pressure. But if you need the acupressure (similar to acupuncture) effects, the harder mats would work better. This is more relevant in the beginning.  After a while, the body adapts to the pressure and you do not feel the mat so much.

  • Color and design. 

You can choose that type of mat which is more appealing. You know how when we look at gems, we rely on our heart to tell us which looks better. Some people like green stones, others feel better with purple.. it may be an inner subconscious feeling of what would work better, so it is great to have a choice.

  • Size of the mat. 

The Mini mats and belts (micro pads) are great for localized use, when you need to apply healing crystal rays to some area of your body (back or legs most frequently) without causing the whole body to undergo hyperthermia. Of course, the Mini mat can still be used for high heat detox sessions with sweating, but it takes more time to influence the body in this way. 

The Pro size is better for whole-body hyperthermia and is also a choice of professionals as it fits on a standard massage table. 

The Midsize or Compact Pro (24 by 59 inch) is somewhere in the middle and works fine for people of regular body size. 

All mats can be used for sleeping, but the Single or Double sizes work the best. Some customers use the Mini mat as a cover while laying on a bigger mat to be “sandwiched” between the two, to achieve a higher degree of hyperthermia. Extra care and medical professional supervision may be recommended for so intensive sessions as well as for detox procedures on high heat levels.  

  • Flexibility 

Most of our amethyst mats are not flexible, they are stiff and hard, because of a high-density compressed cotton layer in the bottom of the mat which insulates it and directs the heat upwards. This layer also protects the electronics inside the mat. If the mat has Photon or PEMF functions it will be thicker and harder. In general, all mats are recommended to be used on a flat surface like a mattress, massage table, or even on the floor.  

The “softest” among the mats is the amethyst tourmaline Mini V-Mat. 

But we also have completely flexible MediCrystal pads. They are thin and completely bendable. So, if you are going to use the mat on a chair or recliner you should consider that most of the mats cannot be heated when bent or folded and therefore should be used flat. 

You can bend almost all classic mini mats up to 90 degrees but it is better to use MediCrystal Chair mats. 


MediCrystal® and ThermoGem™ mats come in 8 collections and several convenient sizes for local use, whole body or even for two-person sessions:

8"x18" / 8"x21" Detachable Pads of Standard and XL Belts    
15"x19" Flexible Small Pad 
18"x20" Arm & Leg Wrap  
14"x30" Knee Wrap  
20"x32" Mini Mat, Flexible Medium Pad  
20"x40" Chair Mat (you can use it flat as well) 
22"x48" Compact mat  
38"x40" Short Vest (Jacket) 
38"x44" Long Vest (Jacket) 
24"x59" Midsize Mat  
24"x72" Fullsize (Compact PRO) Mat, Flexible Large Pad  
32"x72" Professional (PRO) Mat 
39"x75" Single Size (PRO XL) Mat  
59"x75" Queen Mat (Double zone)  
78"x80" King Mat (Double zone)  

Typically our belts, wraps, vests, pads, mini mats, and compact mats are intended to focus on specific areas or for portable reasons. You may get an effect without the whole body sweating. 

You can bend the Chair Mat in the middle without risk of damaging it like with those mats which are to be used flat. The upper part of the Chair Mat has straps to fix it on the chair back. 

Flexible pads are thinner, bendable and you can use them to wrap or cover yourself as with a blanket. 

Midsize, Full Body, Professional, Single Size mats are great for the whole body experience. They are somewhat firm, thick, rigid and you use them flat on your bed, floor, massage table as the main warm stone mat. 

The best way to choose what size mat to get for the full body is your height. 

  • 5'5" and under – 59"x24" Midsize Mat  
  • 6'0" and under – 72"x24" Full Body Mat  
  • 6'1" and over – 71"x32" Professional or 75"x39" Single Size Mat
  • The best for sleeping are Single, Queen, or King mats.


When you apply hot amethysts to your body,  Far Infrared Light penetrates several inches deep and heats it. It causes the mobilization of toxins from deep tissues and fat and removal them with sweating. 

Some studies show the FIR crystals rays work on a cellular level with a bio-resonance effect on the cells' power stations mitochondria. They can make cells generate their own heat for several hours after the session. It may even raise the whole body's core temperature, improve circulation, and eliminate some minor discomfort and pains. 

It's better to start with the lowest or medium temperature levels 1-3 or 30-45°C and short procedures of 20 - 30 minutes and to have not more than 2-3 sessions a week to see how your body reacts and then gradually increase the temperature and the length of the procedure over time. Of course, if you are an experienced FIR sauna user, you can start with the maximum temperature level or even use two mats (sandwiched procedures), but we always recommend to check with your doctor first.

If everything works fine, for pleasure, people use amethyst heating mats from one hour on high temperature to 12 hours on warm temperature daily. You can ask your doctor about your conditions or try and see what kind of sessions gives you the most benefits.


Monochromic 660 nm Red Light has a similar revitalizing effect on the skin and not so deep tissue up to several mm beneath. 

You can have your first red light photon procedure for 30-60 minutes.

Use your mat protector with a 3-D air mesh layer to cushion it and eliminate stones pressure if necessary during sleeping, hot stone, and PEMF, especially for lengthy procedures. But it is better to use red light without a cover so that you get more rays.


Crystals and anon fabrics always release Negative Ions utilizing your body's heat when you lay on it, or the warming energy of FIR rays.

They have an excellent refreshing effect on the whole body, improves cellular membranes permeability and exertion of cell wastes.

Anions neutralize free radicals inside the body (positively charged ions). 


PEMF (pulsed electromagnetic field) function generates low-frequency magnetic pulsations researched and used for nerves, bones, joints comfort for 50 years.

You can find a lot of articles about scientific and medical studies of these technologies on Pubmed. 


If you do not have contraindications, you may try PEMF on the lowest heat level for 10 minutes for the first time to see how it works.

  • Check the list of contraindications
  • Consult your health professional
  • Drink a lot of water and replenish minerals before, during, and after your procedures

 If you feel comfortable, you may increase the duration, intensity, and frequency of sessions and combine different functions. 


This short review of our FIR heating belts should be helpful to make a choice. Though all of them work in a similar manner, there is some difference between gems used, construction, and functions available.

All MediCrystal® belts work fine for the lumbar, waist, lower back, or abdomen.  

Same as the mats, all belts provide adjustable heat in the range of 86°F~158°F (30°C~70°C). All of them come with extra layers for negatively charged ion generation. These are high-quality units using advanced EMF free double silicon electrical heating elements with overheat protection by bimetal switches.  

"EMF free" means that the electrical heating elements warming up the crystals do not generate more than two milligauss (0.2 mG by testing) of electromagnetic fields, which is significantly lower than 5-20 mG of electric blankets and standard heating pads.  

Only the bimetals and connectors of the belts generate 2-4 mG of EMFs when the belt pad is heating up. But the connector is situated on the exterior pad surface, which does not contact the body. So an almost one-inch thick pad shields the body from the connector. Our newest models use in-line connectors on the controllers' cables to avoid any EMFs on the heated stone pad. 

Though the device creates intense heat, the significant advantage is that you can use it to target a specific area of your body or focus on local applications without causing full-body hyperthermia and sweating.  

Of course, if you are healthy and have your doctor's approval, the belt can be used together with any mini or large mat for intensive therapy. 

You can use the belt as a belly band for concealed wearing in non-powered mode on your waist under the clothes. Put it on with crystals pad on the front, and fasten the straps on the back. It is excellent for women during periods as well.  

Even when the heat is off, crystals emit gentle far-infrared light with 90.7% effectiveness by using the human body's natural warmth. In the non-heating mode, the MediCrystal® belt can take away the excessive heat from the too-hot zones of our body and return this heat in the form of FIR radiation to those parts of our bodies, which need it. 


Two of them have a similar appearance with reddish-brown luxurious and high-quality eco-leather human-made heat-resistant fabric and wave design pads with one triangular window showing crystals abundant under all the surface. 

The belt consists of the strap with Velcro fasteners and our smallest standard 8" x18" (20x45 cm) or XL 8 "x21" (20x52 cm) MediCrystal® amethyst heating pad attached on the strap. The length of the straps are 55"x8" (140x20 cm) for the standard belt and 63"x8" (160x20 cm) for the XL. They fit waists up to 52" and 60" inches, respectively. 

Both these belts are with detachable pads. They are great to focus either on the back or abdomen. The heated pad can be disconnected from the belt strap and used as a small amethyst mat for shoulders, knees, elbows, neck, hands, legs, and any other parts of the body. It is light, portable, and easy to use and carry. 

1. Amethyst belts for deep heating 

It combines two features to synergize effects: the FIR crystal rays for deep heat and negative Ions for relaxation. 

2. Amethyst-tourmaline (75%:25% ratio) biomagnetic belts

These belts generate ultra-low-frequency (adjustable from 1 to 30Hz) magnetic waves in addition to FIR heating and ions.  

Tourmaline is a unique stone with pyroelectric and piezoelectric properties known to generate negative ions upon heating or with pressure.  

Every 4th line of the Bio-Magnetic Belt detachable heated stone pad is infused with natural black tourmaline. The other 75% of stones are natural amethyst. All crystals are crushed to 3-9 mm size and tumbled in drum machines to flatten any sharp edges.  

The third type of belts does not have a detachable hot stone pad, but it is long enough to wrap the lower back, sides, and belly altogether.  

3. ThermoGem® 3-gems biostimulation belts with additional biomagnetic PEMF coils and red light LEDs

MediCrystal® ThermoGem® Bio-Magnetic Photon belt comes with three types of natural gems. Mesh fabric affixes thousands of crushed amethyst, jade, and tourmaline and lines of ceramic tourmalines in place without glue by an artisan sewing process.  

A new digital controller allows you to operate PEMF (pulsed magnetic fields) and red light photon(only ThermoGem belts) functions either together with infrared heating or separately. You can set the timer for 1, 4, 8, or 12 hours. If the temperature is more than 122°F (50°C) for longer than 3.5 hours, the auto-protection feature will decrease it to a safe level of 113°F (45°C). The controller enables one to cycle PEMF and photon therapies, repeating 15-minute and 30-minute procedures each hour for up to 8 hours continuously. You can select any frequency from 1 to 30Hz manually or set a program auto-changing frequencies sequences. 

The belt measures 55"x10" (140x25 cm) with a 37"x9" (140x25 cm) non-detachable heating area lined with gems. It is affixed to the lumbar area by adjustable straps with Velcro closures and special braces to achieve a comfortable and ideal fit for men and women of all ages. 

Though some heavier than other belts, ThermoGem® belt is still compact and portable. You can carry it with you everywhere you go. It works with a standard AC outlet, or you can preheat it for an hour, unplug, and you're good to go for a walk or to sleep. Hot crystals will keep warm and emit FIR and ions for at least half an hour. 

Also, we have vests (jackets), knee wraps, and mats in this collection. 

What is the difference between different Medicrystal collections in short?

  • Design. All are visually appealing but quite different.
  • Gems used. Natural amethyst is the main healing stone of our mats, but there are other natural semi-precious crystals used in some of our models as jade, tourmaline, agate, bian-stone, and tourmaline ceramics. 
  • Gem shape. The larger part of our mats is made with 3-9 mm tumbled stones, but some are featured with big stone disks or tourmaline ceramic octagons.
  • Flexibility: Most of our mats are to be used on a flat surface as a bed, sofa, mattress, floor. Others are completely flexible and can be used as wraps or blankets.
  • Additional Functions. All CLASSIC mats have FIR heat and negative ion layers, but there are optional PEMF or bio-magnetic function, and red light 660NM LLLT, or bio-photon functions, in other mats.
  • Warranties. Classic MediCrystal mats with FIR and negative ion functions have a 2-year warranty, the longest offered in the industry. All other MediCrystal mats with additional functions are covered for 1 year.

All MediCrystal mats produce FIR heat and negative ions, have an adjustable heating range between 86 and 158°F, and emit zero harmful EMFs. 

The PEMF technology used in our BIO MAGNETIC MATS has been shown by researchers to have more benefits for some people regarding pain relief, relaxation, bone, and tendon issues.

Photon therapy, or 660Nm red light therapy, was found by NASA and scientists to be beneficial for skin treatment and rejuvenation, nerve regeneration, and the promotion of a good mood.

You can find more information about PEMF and LLLT (Low-Level Laser, or red light) technology on the Pubmed website.

In case you need all the functions combined in one mat, we would recommend the tan ThermoGem mats (with amethyst, tourmaline, jade) or Purple Bio-magnetic mats (with amethyst and agate).

We do not make any health claims for our heated crystals belts, vests, pads, mats, and other products. If you are interested in getting more information about the studies and researches of PEMF benefits, please, find out more on the PUBMED website searching for "PEMF," "FIR," "660 NM RED LIGHT" or other related keywords. 

PubMed is a free resource that is developed and maintained by the National Center for Biotechnology Information (NCBI), U.S. National Library of Medicine (NLM), and the National Institutes of Health (NIH). PubMed comprises more than 27 million citations for biomedical literature from MEDLINE, life science journals, and online books.  

Please, contact MediCrystal if you need more information or links to the literature sources.