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How to Choose your Mat

Things to consider:

  • Which healing stone or combination is preferred? 

Although all gems and ceramics emit FIR heat and ions, different stones have unique wavelengths.

Amethyst is considered the most important and valuable crystal for healing. When heated, amethyst emits infrared rays in specific frequencies that are highly compatible with the human body, inducing energy vibrations within the cells. These vibrations are said to have bio-resonant properties that promote healing. The wavelength range of amethyst rays is between 5-14 microns, with two peaks at 6.7 and 12 microns.

Tourmaline is pyroelectric and piezoelectric; it produces negative ions when subjected to heat or pressure.

Jade, bian, agate, garnet, and other stones are believed to have special properties that can be useful for specific conditions or purposes. 

  • If extra functions (Photon Red Light, Magnetism) are necessary. 

Combining functions can be advantageous; however, the more systems integrated, the higher the probability of faults or shorter product life. We strive to produce the highest quality products, but these multifunctional mats are relatively new and have less history of use, experience, and background compared to the classic FIR amethyst mats.

  • If the mat is to be mainly used for sleeping or for therapy. 

Classic mats are a better option for those who want to use them for FIR therapy and sleeping on low heat modes. Multifunctional mats provide more effects in short therapy sessions but are less comfortable for sleeping on due to more tiny parts inside. Not recommended to move around on them either.

  • Hardness. 

The mats with a 'triangle' design, V-mats, and those covered in suede or leather are softer than those with mesh fabric. The mats with disk-shaped stones have received mixed reviews. 

However, you can adjust the hardness by adding layers of pads, protectors (included with the mat), towels, or sheets on the mat. As your body gets used to the pressure of the crystals, you can remove these layers one by one. 

But if you need the acupressure effects, similar to acupuncture, the harder mats would work better, especially in the beginning. After a while, your body adapts to the pressure, and you won't feel the mat as much.

  • Color and design. 

When selecting a mat, it's important to choose one that appeals to you. Similar to how we select gems based on our emotional response, certain colors may resonate with us more than others. This could be due to an unconscious feeling of what works best for us personally. Having a variety of options available allows for this choice and personalization.

  • Size of the mat. 

The Mini mat and belts, also known as micro pads, are perfect for focused healing. While they can still be used for high-heat detox sessions, it takes longer to achieve the desired effect on your body. 

The Pro size mat is best for whole-body hyperthermia and is the preferred choice for professionals. It fits perfectly on a standard massage table. 

The Midsize or Compact Pro (24 by 59 inches) is a good middle ground.

All mats can be used for sleeping, but the Single or Double sizes are the best options. 

Some customers use the Mini mat as a cover while laying on a bigger mat to achieve a higher degree of hyperthermia. However, it is recommended to exercise extra care and seek medical professional supervision for such intensive sessions.

  • Flexibility 

Our amethyst mats are designed to provide maximum comfort and safety during use. Most of our mats are not flexible and may feel stiff or hard due to the high-density compressed cotton layer at the bottom of the mat. This layer serves to insulate the mat and direct heat upwards while also protecting the electronics inside. If the mat has Photon or Magnetism functions, it will be thicker and harder. It is recommended to use all mats on a flat surface, such as a mattress, massage table, or even on the floor.

We also offer MediCrystal pads that are highly flexible and thin. These pads can be bent and shaped according to your needs. However, it's important to note that most mats cannot be heated when they are bent or folded and, therefore, should be used flat. 

While classic mini mats can be bent up to 90 degrees, it's still recommended to use MediCrystal Chair mats for chairs and recliners. They are specifically designed to fit these types of furniture, ensuring maximum comfort and safety.