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Best Quality Yet Affordable FIR PEMF Photon Heating Mats with Natural Crystals


I am Andrey, the CEO-founder of MediCrystal, an American company, incorporated and headquartered in the beautiful state of Wyoming, the land of wildlife, natural wonders, and national parks.
I was seriously ill when I first tried the hot crystal Amethyst mat. I experienced significant benefits and was so impressed by its life-changing powers that I decided to create this family-run business.
Since 2015, our team shared the powers of these hot stone and bio-magnetic mats with thousands of people of the same integrative holistic health beliefs.
We make high-quality mats affordable for everyone and protected with a real warranty, risk-free purchase, and life-time trade-in policies.
We do not have resellers and sell our products directly to customers to ensure authenticity and our top-level customer service. We always stand behind our products and are happy to assist you.
Our primary target is to have only happy customers!
I hope this luxury mat will help you to relieve pain and discomfort, and enhance your well-being.

Thank you so much for choosing us!


MediCrystal® is built to last

Your purchase is risk-free, with a 45-days return policy and a 2-year warranty for classic hot stone mats or 1-year for multifunctional ones.

Buy directly from us, and you will have an after warranty additional protection with a life-time trade-in policy, no matter of your mat condition.

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MediCrystal® Mat is a unique multilayered system

The primary part of the 17-20 layer system is a thick semi-precious crystal layer forming the surface of the mat.

Natural gemstones are lined in eco-suede animal-free cruel-free tubes or affixed with manmade mesh fabric by an artisan sewing process.

MediCrystal® brings into your home just in the middle of the modern civilization all the benefits of the major natural elements of the Earth and Sun, Magnetism and Light, Mountains and Crystals, Air and Water.

All six principal components of these natural powers synergize in one unique application for multiplication of benefits.

100% Natural Certified Crystals and Six Main Features

FIR Far Infrared Rays

The sun is our planet's most natural source of heat. More than half of the sun's radiation reaches Earth in the form of far infrared light.

Far infrared is nature's most efficient heat.

This light is the healthiest part of the invisible sun spectrum that transfers only the heating energy without any harmful radiation or ultraviolet rays.

Hot crystals naturally release most heating energy within the FIR far-infrared or 8-1000 microns wavelength range and MIR mid-infrared or 1.4-8 microns wavelength rays.

This deep, impactful warmth gently envelops the body in a relaxing environment.

Far infrared sessions help improve sleeping, benefit the mind, enhance flexibility, promote joints comfort, muscle relaxation, and help create a healthy setting to cleanse and remove toxins with sweating.

Far Infrared Benefits

Hot Stones

The application of heat for comfort, health, and well-being has a long history.

About 2400 years ago, Hippocrates noticed that warming could be beneficial.

Ancient Greeks, Romans, and Egyptians used heated stones, wrapping into warm blankets or immersing in hot water or sand.

Turkish baths, Korean hot stone floors, Russian stoves, and Finnish saunas are the samples of traditional heat applications that promoted a healthy lifestyle for ages.

Safe and entirely adjustable Zero EMF MediCrystal® Electrical System preheats crushed and polished crystals or disk-shaped natural stones and ceramics of your mat to 86-158°F (30-70°C).

Get at home and in any chilly season, not just in summer, the same benefits of thermal therapy without traveling to hot sand or pebble beaches, visiting spa-center or FIR sauna!

Hot Stones Benefits

PHOTON Red Light

Fifty years ago, both NASA and Russia's space agency noticed that astronauts injured while in space would not heal until they were back here on Earth. At the same time, scientists discovered that when plants were aboard spacecraft to experiment with ways to grow food during space travel, the injured astronauts were healing before they got back to Earth. Red light lamps with a wavelength of 660 nm used for plants growing proved to help astronauts. 

At that time, unique, expensive lamps, and low-level lasers were the only sources of monochromic red light to rejuvenate the look and appearance of skin in a professional setting. Nowadays, the widespread light-emitting diodes changed the game. LEDs became an affordable source of monochromic photon light.

MediCrystal® mats with the photon-emitting LEDs combine visible red light and invisible infrared rays in one powerful device for maximum benefits.

Red Light Benefits

Negative Ions

Rocks and crystals naturally release negative ions upon heat or pressure.

Such negative ions, also known as anions or air vitamins, are abundant in lush forests, mountains, ocean beaches, and near rivers, springs, and waterfalls

Unfortunately, positive ions prevail in modern buildings due to the use of electronic devices and lack of nature. 

Negative ions neutralize positive ones or free radicals, help to revitalize cells and maintain healthy immune function.

Usually, people feel refreshed, healthy, and energetic in areas where anions are abundant.

There are many active long-livers in the "negative ions rich" mountain areas all over the world.

MediCrystal brings healthy negative ions to your home in the center of modern civilization.

Negative Ions Benefits

Crystals Powers

Traditional practitioners used crystals and gemstones for healing since ancient times. Modern science also studies their powers. 

Purple Amethyst is known for its unique crystal peaks in the FIR spectrum.

Tourmaline is pyroelectric and piezoelectric, naturally releasing negative ions upon pressure or heating. 

Green Jade is the main healing stone in traditional Chinese medicine. 

Agate was believed to heal wounds, revive water, and blood with magic powers for its red color. 

Bian, also called Sibin Pumice or floating stone, releases ultrasonic vibrations when hot. It was a precursor to Acupuncture, Gua Sha and Moxibustion.

Our mats come with 100% natural, unpainted, nonirradiated certified grades of crystals, and semi-precious gems. 

Crystals Powers

PEMF Magnetism

Small electrical currents and magnetic fields naturally exist as a part of ongoing chemical reactions and biological processes, such as digestion, respiration, circulation, and general brain activity. 

PEMF coils emit magnetic fields nearly identical to the frequencies created by the cells, organs, bones, and tissues, and complementary to our biochemistry and functionality.

North and south magnetic poles are alternated at Schumann Resonance frequencies from one to thirty times per second.

Pulsation creates dynamic 5-10 gauss sine-shape waves at the same speed as the natural Sun and Earth magnetic fields.

These waves surround the mat with 50-150 mG intensity, extending to one foot from the surface.

We can think of pulsed magnetism as a "battery recharger" for those energies which empower us all day long.

PEMF Magnetism Benefits

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