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Flexible Bio-Stimulation Mats

Flexible Bio-Stimulation Mats

5-gems flexible mats: Amethyst, Green Aventurine, White Crystal, Red Agate, and Yellow Aventurine. 

Purple flexible mats: 100% Amethyst

Features: Far Infrared Heat, Negative Ions, Hot Stones, Multipolar Static Magnetism with built-in Q-Magnets, and NEW Photon Lights.

Each photon light is with one visible Red Monochromatic 660 Nm and two invisible Near-Infrared and/or Mid-Infrared 800-1200 Nm light emission diodes for collagen synthesis, skin appearance rejuvenation, & healthy sleep.

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MediCrystal 5-Gems Bio-Stimulation Flexible FIR PadMediCrystal 5-Gems Bio-Stimulation Flexible FIR Pad
MediCrystal Purple Bio-Stimulation Amethyst Flexible FIR PadMediCrystal Purple Bio-Stimulation Amethyst Flexible FIR Pad