Flexible Heated Stone Pads

Flexible Heated Stone Pads

Our Flexible Bendable Heating Pads with Natural Gemstones come in two sizes:

- medium for local applications or lower back pain is 20"x32" (50x80cm)

- large or full-body blanket is 24"x72" (60x180cm)

We have these heated stone pada in two collections MediCrystal and ThermoGem.

- MediCrystal® flexible pad comes with three types of dome-shaped stone disks Bian, Jade, and Tourmaline.

- ThermoGem™ flexible pad comes with three types of crushed natural crystal Amethyst, Jade, Tourmaline.

Both types of infrared pads are with adjustable 86-158°F (30-70°C) Heat and Negative Ions. You can lie on them, cover your body, wrap it, or use the pad as a Weighted Electric Blanket with Natural Gems.