VLF Magnetic Fields

Several types of EMFs may be considered beneficial for health in appropriate dosage and administered for a prescribed amount of time.

Electromagnetic fields (EMFs) are present everywhere in the nature. Light is its most familiar form though most part of EMFs is invisible to the human eye.

Invisible part of light spectrum

Near UV Sun Light (beneficial for vitamin D synthesis in skin) emitted also artificially by the special fluorescent lamps.

InfraRed Light, especially FIR Light that transfers the deep heat,

Visible part of light spectrum

Used for Light practices consisting of exposure to day light or to specific wavelengths of light using light-emitting diodes (LEDs) or very bright, full-spectrum lights.

Visible Red Light with a wavelength 660 nm penetrates tissues to a depth of several mm improving look and apperance of skin.

Magnetic waves

Magnetism practices have a long history of use permanent or static magnets.

Pulsed electromagnetic field (PEMF), also called rapid pulsed magnetism or VLF (Very Low Frequency) is a modern reparative technique directing pulsed magnetic fields through the tissues.

Electromagnetic Spectrum

There are a lot of natural harmful EMFs as UV light in high dozes, Gamma- or X-rays radiation. The hazardous manmade electromagnetic fields also surround us. These fields are generated by electrical wiring in our buildings, electric tools, kitchen appliances, cell phones, computers, telecommunications and other devices. They can be distinguished by High Frequencies and High Intensity.


Small electrical currents and magnetic fields exist as a part of the natural chemical reactions and biological processes.

PEMF coils emit biologically identical to these frequencies.

They produce safe, natural magnetic fields alternating at very or ultra low frequencies, and complementary to the chemistry and functions of the body.

Rapid Pulsing means that North and South Magnetic Poles are quickly alternated at speeds from 1 up to 30 times per second creating a dynamic Very Low Frequency Magnetic Wave with a wavelength of 6 million meters same length as the Sun and Earth's natural magnetic waves. This is the longest magnetic field in the universe.

The natural magentic field of our planet dexreased twice during the last century. Now very rare we have contact with Earth becuase almost all time we wear shoes or sneakers with rubber pads insulatring us from natural magnetic fields. So we can think of VLF as a battery recharger for live cells maintaining the normal permeability of their walls.

The advantage of Pulsed Magnetic Therapy over the treatment with Static Magnets is in the dynamic properties of the field. Pulsation brings more energy into the body and allows to use less intensive magnetic fields almost eliminating the side effects of Static Magnetic Fields.

Pulsed magnetism is available on the MediCrystal® Mats with PEMF or VLF button on the controller. This button activates rapid pure sine form magnetic field pulsation with 100-200 Mili Gauss intensity and 1-30 Hz frequency for 20-30 minute periods each 120 minutes of mat active sessions.

These parameters are very close to the natural Earth's magnetic field average 11.75 Hz frequency and 400 Milli Gauss intensity and to the Schumann Resonance first harmonics with peaks around 7.83 and 14.07 Hz bringing us back to nature


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