Negative Ions

Negative ions vs Positive ions

Both Positive and Negative Ions occur naturally in the air and they also exist in the human bodies. These ions enter our body through breathing and skin. They travel through the blood and lymphatic system to the cells throughout the body.

Positive ions, also known as "Free Radicals", steal electrons from healthy cells to neutralize their own positive charge.

They cause cellular damage associated with the degenerative aging and sicknesses. The modern surrounding, our homes and offices are full with the harmful positive ions produced by the air pollution and electromagnetic fields generated by the high frequency devices as cell phones, computers, wireless devices, kitchen appliances and modern construction materials. Positive ions make us feel sick, weak, depressed or nervous. They suppress the immune system and cause headaches, tiredness, anxiety, poor mental performance, sleep disturbances, eye problems and many other unpleasant conditions.

Negative Ions, also known as anions or atoms with extra electron or negative charge, are abundant in the lush forests, mountains, ocean beaches and near the rivers, springs and waterfalls.

Negative Ions neutralize Free Radicals. They revitalize cell metabolism and maintain normal immune function. Negative Ions can relax the body and mind, promote deep sleep and enhance recovery from physical exhaustion or overtraining. People feel refreshed, healthy and energetic in the areas where anions are abundant. We can meet a lot of active long-livers in the Negative Ion rich mountain areas in Russia, Europe, India and South America.

Cell potential

The cell resting potential is the voltage difference between the interior and surrounding of the cell. It is mostly determined by the concentrations of the ions in the fluids on both sides of the cell membrane.

The abundance of Negative Ions in the human body works on the cellular level supporting the cell membrane potential on healthy negative levels between 60 and 95 mV. When negative ions are exposed into the body, the calcium and sodium circulating in the blood get ionized. These changes has an overall alkalizing effect.

As negative ions content increase, the cell membranes are opened. Cellular metabolism is facilitated which results in an increase in cellular nutrient uptake, hydration and cellular waste materials excretion. The cell functions are rapidly revived.

Vice versa once the cell negative potential falls below 60mV the membrane permeability gets worse. The nutrients, oxygen, and water cannot get into the cell; waste and carbon dioxide cannot get out; and too much sodium and hydrogen stay inside. Such process is called cell depolarization. Cell potential of an aged or unhealthy cell may fall to 40 mV.

That is why the active outdoorsy lifestyle is so important for maintenance of healthy negative level of cell potential and our wellbeing.




Special ionized fabric layers comprising tourmaline nano powder, and/or the whole thick Tourmaline stone disks are added into MediCrystal® mats. These layers generate negative ions upon distortion caused by the turned "ON" and functioning mat's heat or by the natural warmth coming from the body if the mat is turned "OFF". In the MediCrystal Amethyst Mats anions travel through the thick layer of Amethyst which blocks the excessive ions and organizes them into the patterns with the highest biocompatibility. Like many other stones, crystals and minerals, Amethyst is also known to naturally produce negative ions even when the mat is un-powered.

These healthy ozone free negative ions are not only absorbed by breathing like in the older models of air ionization anion devices but are directly conducted through the whole surface of the mattress which is much more effective.

MediCrystal Mat's output of negative ions is kept on the most healthy levels of 500 - 2000 ions per cm3. The mat works like a giant whole body negative ion bracelet providing recharging and rejuvenating setting.


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