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MediCrystal® Amethyst Belt
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MediCrystal® Amethyst Mat Mini
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MediCrystal® Amethyst Mat MidSize
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MediCrystal® Amethyst Mat PRO
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MediCrystal® QUEEN Mat
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MediCrystal® Amethyst Pillow
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Picking the right solution may be an overwhelming task. These are top 10 reasons to choose the MediCrystal® Mat.

The Best Value

Here you buy the product of the best value directly from the American company, trusted seller, backed by 2 years warranty with free return shipping and top level customer services provider. Our family team specializes in import and online direct sales to maintain low operating expenses passed on as savings to our customers. Our products are manufactured by 10 years old TUV, FCC and CE certified best quality factory in the northern China: Liaoyang County Dikangyuan Textiles Co.

More Accessories in the Box

In addition to the carry and storage bag, all models of MediCrystal® Mats are shipped to customers with a pair of FREE covers with $50-150 value depending on model and size. First is the washable waterproof high absorption multilayer protector. Second is a thick Air Mesh Pad built of 3-Dimensional supportive material. These covers are specially designed for more comfortable sessions or sleeping on the mat and for its protection from moisture, spills and stains, sweat, lotions, and dust. 3-D pad construction provides an excellent body support evenly distributing pressure from the mat's ribs of amethyst or other stones. The protection covers are completely permeable for Far-Infrared Heat, Magnetism and Negative Ions. Usually our competitors sell such protector pads separately for a plenty of money or include only cheap thin underpads.

Largest Selection of Products

We sell Mats of many sizes, Belts, Vests, Wraps and more than 10 matching pillows designed to fit many applications and it will help you find yours. Unlike our competitors that carry 1-2 sizes of one product line we have 7 collections with different functions, crystals and appearance.

Unique Distinctive Design

We do not copy the trade-dress of the well known Korean brands as Richway Biomat or Hyundai Medical ( Ereada ) Amethyst Mat like our competitors. We developed our own visually appealing and U.S. patent pending modern trade dress with a triangle transparent window showing Amethyst gems abundant across the entire mat surface. The triangle shape reminds the crystal structure itself. The window is optimally positioned in the middle of the mat to add more heat to the vertebral column zone. Your MediCrystal® Amethyst Mat will always have unique appearance.

Two Years Warranty

We are the only supplier in the market providing 2 years warranty fot our Red-Brown Classic mats. We paid so much attention for quality control procedures and R&D to develop the really reliable long lasting Amethyst Mats to have the longest warranty for the classic FIR Amethyst Mats in the industry. It is a real warranty commitment and if during the warranty period a failure of the mat takes place, we will repair or replace the defective part or the whole mat Fast and Free. Both shipping and return shipping are free for warranty issues. Our warranty is the only one which is completely transferable in case you get a new mat as a gift. Just take an order number and inform us within 30 days. And we stand behind our products even after warranty terms expire.

Risk Free Purchase

Your MediCrystal® Mat comes with a Risk Free purchase policy. We guarantee you will love your mat and the results after just a few 1 hour sessions or we will refund your purchase price. The mat is the quality product built to last and we have the longest warranty in the industry and a very low rate of product returns because usually our customers feel the benefits of hot stones from the very beginning. But we understand that such purchase is a big investment and so we do our best to provide our clients with a Risk Free protection and full satisfaction. In case the mat does not work for you, you do not feel benefits, or for any reason you do not like it, you can return the mat within 30 days after the delivery date. It is a real Risk Free purchase experience! If more then 30 days passed and you do not need the mat anymore, contact us and we will find solution. We always have other customers interested in discounted pre-owned mats.

Lifetime Trade-In option

After warranty service is fast and reasonable. Replacement parts for standard wear and tear are always available for prompt delivery. But we offer also a lifetime trade-in policy which provides you with possibility to upgrade to a new model of our mat whenever it comes to the market. You can trade-in your old mat if it is in working condition and does not have physical defects or even a damaged mat. Please, contact us via email support@MediCrystal.com for trade-in policy details or if you want to buy a deeply discounted used mat.

CEO level Customer Support

Rare nowadays all customers messages are managed by our CEO Level Customer Support through the direct email line support@MediCrystal.com. The head of the company stays close to the customers to answer questions or resolve any issues in fast and effective no hassle way. Delivering great purchasing experiences is essential to us so our reaction time usually is not more then several hours 7 days a week.

More then Far Infrared Mat

MediCrystal® Mattress is more then just a FIR mat. It does not contain any infrared lamps because the most valuable Far and Mid Infrared rays are naturally released by warm stones. But besides our classic Amethyst Mats with triangle window we have also several collections with additional functions including a purple line with 5 features: Far Infrared Rays, Negative Ions, Hot Crystals, Red Light Photons, Pulsation Magnetic Fields (PEMF).

Advanced Technologies and More Components Inside

MediCrystal outperforms the previous generations of FIR mats. We order our mats choosing the top manufacturer’s specifications with additional sensors, safety functions and layers which you will not find on the competitors mats. For example our Mini Mats are same thick as the large ones and equipped with the same heavy duty controllers as the large mattresses. Mini have 2 thermo and 1 bimetal sensors and Professional Mats have 3 thermo and 2 bimetal sensors vs only 1+1 included into the standard specification and ordered by our competitors. The sensor fault is the main reason for the mat to stop functioning so the life of our mats is seriously extended. All our mats are also featured with the last generation most expensive no-EMF heating system with less then 2mG ( 0.2 mG by our testing ) emission. All our controllers have TIMER function and improved reliability. We strive to have our mats constructed from the highest quality components sourced by ourselves.


The main objective of our team is to help others get the special life enhancing mattresses naturally releasing FIR InfraRed heat, featured with Amethyst, Jade and Tourmaline hot crystal powers, PEMF or VLF (Very Low Frequency Pulsation Magnetic Fields), Photon Red Light and Negative Ions for an affordable cost.